Fighting Bad Breath

  • 15th July, 2015

Fighting Bad Breath


In this day and age social interaction has become a necessity to survive in the community, although it depends on many factors but one key point is the first impression you set with our smile and our breath.

Bad breath is one of the most common causes of shying away from social situations, people with bad breath tend to be more conscious of their surrounding, hide their mouth while speaking or even prefer to maintain a certain distance from their subject just to avoid the problem,  most of us believe the problem arises from within our intestines, this could be due to our diet, smoking habits or even gastrointestinal problems but what we fail to realize is the cause of bad breath lies in our mouth most of the time.

The oral or mouth inhabitants bacteria that are both good for our health as well as some that may cause serious damage and are responsible for the   bad breath.

The bad bacteria’s in our mouth play a crucial role in lowering the oral cavities pH as well as causing damage to the gums and teeth. This is the reason we go to our dentist for our bi-annual cleaning, to remove of the bad bacteria surrounding the gums and the teeth but this alone will not get rid of the problem, the cleaning will last as long as the patient complies with the oral hygiene instruction and maintain the cleanliness using proper brushing technique, flossing and mouth washes.

Brushing technique:

Place your tooth brush at a 45 degree with the long axis of the tooth where the bristles will be touching the gum and the tooth at the same time. Use circular motions to clean all the surfaces of the teeth; don’t forget the back of your teeth.


Use the floss to clean in between your teeth and remove any food debris still residing within the gum.  Cut around 15cm long of the floss, twist the two  ends around the index fingers of hands and push the floss in between your teeth.

Mouth washes:

Use mouthwash in the end to remove any remaining bacteria on the tongue and in the gums. Swirl the liquid in your mouth for 2 minutes evernight. 


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