Why Do We Take Dental X-Rays?

  • 12th August, 2015

Why Do We Take Dental X-Rays?


We often have patients inquire about why we have to take X-rays. After all, X-rays take extra time, can cost more money, and can even be  quite uncomfortable. However, at times, they can provide the dentist with invaluable information that will help the health and treatment of your teeth, even if the problems may not be currently bothering you.


Why X-Rays?

X-rays, also known as radiographs, capture images of the parts of your mouth th dentist can’t see enable us to see in between and even inside your teeth. Furthermore, we can diagnose significant problems with your dental health, such as bone loss due to periodontal disease.Dentist use X-ray technology to uncover the hidden secrets of your mouth – Tooth decay,dum disease, infection, tooth cracks, bone loss and other problems that aren’t visible to the eye.


Are They Safe?

Experts will tell you: A dental X-ray is far from dangerous. The amount of radiation you’re exposed to the X-ray series is only about 1/23 of the radiation you’re already getting from natural sources each year. And with new digital X-ray technology that eliminates the old film method, the radiation is reduced further.


If your dentist recommends an X-ray of your teeth, feel assured it will protect your health, not threaten it.


Dental x-rays should be taken regularly to help us diagnose your dental health. Dental X-rays are not harmful, as the radiation exposure is  negligible, and we take necessary precautions, such as collars and aprons, to reduce potential problems, as necessary.


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