Top 5 Biggest Dental Issues for People over 50

  • 22nd August, 2015

Dental issues are never any fun; Fortunately, most of them can be easily prevented.People over the age of 50 have certainly seen their share of  dental issues from tooth decay to crowns, root canals to extractions, this generation has experienced it all.

Educating yourself about common dental problems and their causes can also go a long way in prevention. The good news is that our team has the capacity and expertise to solve these problems and ensure that your oral health continues as you get older. Here are the 5 most common dental issues:


1) Gum Disease

Gingivitis usually is diagnosed by the presence of swollen, red, or bleeding gums. If gingivitis is untreated, it can become periodontitis, which causes the gums and teeth to separate, creating pockets that can breed bacteria. This could lead to the loss of teeth and part of your jaw bone.

What to do? Regular visits to your dentist and strong oral hygiene habits can ensure that gum disease is not a problem for you.


2) Tooth decay

One of the most serious dental problems of old age involves the weak root of the tooth. As we get older, the root of the tooth becomes softer and exposed to contaminants; it can quickly develop a cavity.

What to do? It might be time to add a daily fluoride rinse to your regimen as well as an annual in-office fluoride treatment– yes, the same fluoride kids get when they go to the dentist; Taking the occasional fluoride rinse can greatly reduce your likelihood of developing cavities.


3) Dry mouth

As you age, you produce less saliva, which protects our teeth from decay. Dry mouth is often caused by the use of a wide variety of medications, which is heavily correlated with older age.

What to do? Stimulate the creation of saliva by sipping water or chewing sugar free gum. There is also over the counter medication that can be prescribed to help solve this problem.


4) Oral Cancer

Often linked to heavy smoking or alcohol use, your risk for oral cancer can increase as you age.

What to do? Early screenings at regular checkups can help detect and treat oral cancer at an early stage that increases the rate of survival.


5) Teeth Crowding

Have you noticed that your teeth have less room than they used to? That’s because your teeth shift as you age. This phenomenon causes overlapping, which makes general hygiene harder to maintain.

What to do? If your teeth have really shifted, you could see an orthodontist, who may fit you with a retainer, spacer, or even braces. This may not be necessary, but you should discuss with your dentist whether your teeth are shifting at your regular checkup.


As we age there are many changes that occur, but a decrease in oral health does not have to be one of them. 


Ask a question, contact us, or make an appointment to ensure that your teeth are strong, healthy and beautiful; even as you enter you’re most golden of years.