About Your Smile


About Your Smile

It is true your smile tells a lot about you. It often reflects your personality, but it also shows your inherited facial and dental structure, any damage you’ve experienced and the care you take of your teeth.

If you are not totally pleased with your smile, modern dentistry has much to offer that can enhance your natural smile. We can analyze your smile and make recommendations that will help you feel more confident and self-assured about your appearance. When you feel comfortable with your smile, it can be a wonderful asset that reflects self-confidence. If you are not comfortable with your smile, it can affect the way you behave and you may avoid grinning or smiling widely. Some people get used to covering their mouth when they smile or laugh, and  almost feel that it’s normal to do so. First impressions do really count, so having a confident smile can assist your social and occupational success.

Mahboubi Poly Dental Clinic uses the latest technology to assist with smile corrections. We can easily correct common problems such as discoloured teeth, missing teeth, overlapping front teeth, poorly shaped front teeth or chipped teeth. Sometimes previous dental work is no longer cosmetically acceptable, so the replacement of old fillings and  some simple cosmetic whitening can quickly make a big improvement to your smile.

We think your smile should never detract from your personality but rather enhance your appearance and reflect the real you!

A beautiful smile is composed of more than just straight or white teeth. In fact, when dentists talk about a beautiful smile, they’re most likely  thinking about these 6 elements:

1. Straight teeth without spacing/crowding problems

2. Very little discoloration

3. No gaps or missing teeth

4. No cracked or broken teeth

5. Healthy, pink gums

6. A minimal gum line when you smile

If you’re concerned about one of these elements, we can help you achieve the smile you crave.

We perform a wide variety of  cosmetic dental procedures, most of which have a significantly positive impact on your overall dental health, as well.

If you have any questions please contact our team or make an appointment. Our incredible staff will give you the best dental care possible.